Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ultimate Captain America - Part 3

Originally I was going to make a full glove. After trying several different methods, I had to admit that glove-making is beyond my skill set. In the future I'll just modify existing gloves.

But for the time being I'd promised that aspect of this costume so I had to figure out a workable alternative. I decided that I could make gauntlets that came over the hand, and my customer could pick up some canvas gloves of his preferred color and wear them underneath.

You don't really want to pin pleather, so I just traced around the pattern with a permanent marker.

My customer and I both wanted to preserve all the detail of the original design, so it was topstitching time!

Little decorative pockets!

I had some studs from a previous project that had never been used that I was able to apply here. They add a ton to the overall look, don't they?

I'm just dying over the detail here.

I finished the gauntlets by using red canvas and the stretchy gray piping fabric to add the backs and bias tape edging.

Protective on top, flexible on the bottom!

And stylish too!

Hop on to Part 4 for the final pictures!


  1. Really cool! Hmmm...talking about leather, you might be able to answer a question I was wondering to myself today. Is there a way to make leather look closely like embossed armor? Because I was looking at Elrond on my calendar today. In it he has his maroon armor on from The Hobbit. I LOVE that armor--think it'd make an incredible costume. But I'm not sure how very...COMFORTABLE it'd be to wear a bunch of metal all day at a convention. (I was just thinking of costume ideas should I ever be able to go).

  2. Actually, Elora, for that you'd want to do foam armor, which is fantastic stuff. This is where I learned to make it:


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