Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ultimate Captain America - Part 2

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After sewing in the small piping sections, I laid everything out to sew the pieces together with the long piping.

With all the piping, from the back.

With all the piping, from the front.

Time to add Cap's iconic chest star! Turns out it's kind of tricky to make a perfectly symmetrical five point star... but I managed it at last!

Tracing and cutting. I fused the fabric to some interfacing to make it stiff so that it would hold up under the edge stitching.

Star applied!

To finish the star, I serged the edges, then went back to the regular machine to sew over the serging and attach the star to the blue chest piece.

Pretty snazzy, eh?

Let me tell you, the four corner bit above was a thick nightmare to sew!

What about the gloves and the cowl? Read Part 3 here!

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