Monday, July 15, 2013

Ultimate Captain America - Part 1

And now back to your regular programming!

Those of you who follow me on Facebook got to see sneak peeks of this costume quite a long time ago, but it's taken me awhile to edit all of the pictures and get around to posting them here. Anyhow, I was commissioned to make the tunic and gloves for a Captain America cosplay, based on the Ultimate universe design (as seen above, with measurements).

This was a pretty crazy project to collect materials for, as there are several different colors and textures at work. I also needed to design something that would have a bit of give to it, although that ended up not being so necessary as the  nature of the piping precluded a stretchy design anyhow.

For this design I took an existing pattern and cut and tweaked it to create Cap's iconic Stars and Stripes supersuit. This involved a lot of math and marking.

Fun stuff.

Laying the pieces out... they look similar, but each one is unique and it had to be sewn together perfectly for the right curves and textures to appear in the right places!

Piping time! Thank goodness for my rotary kit!

The stretchiness of the gray fabric made it nearly impossible to sew smoothly around the piping. So I stitched it into a tube and pulled the cording through it afterwards with one of my shiny threading tools.

Coming together...

Since this wasn't lined, I had to serge everything on the inside.

The top beginning...

The back piping.

The front bottom.

Coming together... want to see more? Check out Part 2!

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