Monday, August 5, 2013

FAP's - or Frequently Asked Prices

Updated prices and new piece examples. Check it out!

Note: All Prices are rough estimates and may change based on situation, economy, and special requests. These are not necessarily the prices I've charged for identical and similar costumes in the past, as each project is different and I am able to offer more accurate estimates as I create more pieces.

Disclaimer: I list here the cost of my labor and materials. I am not selling ready-made costumes, solely private commissions, as requested by the customer. The shows mentioned here are included merely as reference points, from actual questions I've been asked many times.

How much would it cost to commission a fantasy/medieval dress?
Depends on the dress. A three piece ensemble (blouse, laced bodice, skirt), such as the Belle Blue dress I've done three times would cost between $250 and $460 depending on materials, petticoats and embroidery. A more elaborate ensemble, such as the Regina Riding Coat I replicated or anything else involving velvet, sparkly things, layers, long sleeves or added details, will most likely run $400 or more. A simpler pre-raphaelite style (like Merida's archery dress) would run around $300.

I love the Steam Powered Giraffe vest you made! How much would you charge to make a similar one for me?
About $150. I know it sounds pricey for a vest, but I have to create the asymmetrical pattern, include the lacing on the back, do a welt pocket, and add binding around the entire thing. A simpler vest would cost around $100.

Hey, I saw you made Regina's lace headdress. Could you make a headdress for me, and how much would it cost? 
To make any headdress is going to run around $60 unless it is significantly more elaborate than the lace one.

I'm looking for a period/dress/costume coat like your Bach/Beast/Regency/Renaissance coat. How much would that cost?
Coats of that sort, unless they have significantly more trim and details than the ones I've made, generally will cost you around $300.

I need a cloak. How much would you charge?
This is difficult to estimate as it really depends on how tall you are, and what fabric you choose. I've gotten several inquiries for a replica of Red's cloak from OUAT, and so far the best fabric we've found runs $25 a yard... and for an average height girl we're going to need at least 4 yards, plus lining. To make this exact cloak with all the details is going to run about $285. A simpler cloak or one with cheaper fabric could run as low as $135.

I loved your post on Padme Amidala's costumes! How much would replicating something like one of those be?
Padme has some of the most elaborate costumes in cinema ever. On average, to replicate her pieces or anything similar, I'd be charging at least $500. For something simple (like her white battle outfit) it would run lower, but for something more intensely detailed (like her wedding dress) you should be prepared to pay over $1000.

Your piece match your budget? More questions? Find out how to order at my Costume Commission Page!

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