Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chariots, Coal and Cinna - New Hunger Games Costumes Revealed!

Today we get a glimpse at previously unrevealed Hunger Game costumes - the coal and flame chariot suits! 

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To be honest I'm a little surprised by the level of detail here. Personally I would have gone for something simpler and less rock star looking. The scaled leather on Katniss's bust and the spiked shoulder pads give much more of a reptilian feel than... coal. What set Cinna apart from the other designers was that he didn't go wild and crazy the way they did.

But I'm willing to give it a try. Cinna's costumes are the things I imagined the most while reading and therefore I'm going to have the most decided opinions on what they should be like - and likely be more disappointed by them than anything else in the film. So far I've loved everything else I've seen, so... we'll see what is revealed next.

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  1. When coal is dug from the ground it does have a scaled look to it though... I think this particular costume was marvelous.


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