Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Emma Frost Redesign by Jamie McKelvie

As much as I adore superhero comics, I still periodically get frustrated by the costumes that exploit the females as eye candy. (They do that to the guy characters too, but it's not nearly as bad). The consistently most frustrating costumes are worn by Emma Frost.

Now Emma Frost is an intriguing character. She's a villain reformed with a lot of hard edges and a knack for sarcasm that makes her anything but warm and fluffy. However she's a devoted teacher, and a woman who will do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones and people -- exactly what the X-Men and Scott Summers, their leader, need.

So it really ticks me off that she wears costumes that currently consist of a corset, panties and high boots. Not only are her costumes often physically impossible, but they are also highly uncomfortable and would be a nightmare to wear in combat (see corset rant). I'm not even talking about the immodesty right now because Emma's backstory explains why she uses her body to control others, and while I'm not happy with it, it's at least a very solidly explained and interesting character motivation.

Today one of the blogs I follow reposted this fantastic redesign of Emma's costume by Jamie McKelvie (see above) and I am absolutely in love. It captures everything about Emma's character -- royalty, wealth, power, elegance, hard edges, old money, and a gorgeous body. It's alluring yet practical, enticing yet full of self respect. I desperately wish that Marvel would implement this design!

Short of that, perhaps I'll have a chance to create and cosplay it someday. It's certainly a more doable ambition than Emma's current costume!

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