Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Wee Wedding Dress

Once upon a time, instead of shelling out $30 for an American Girl Doll dress, women hand sewed dresses for the dolls in their little girls lives. Sadly the art of sewing has become very lost these days, and most mothers don't have the time or training to create little garments. However I've always loved the art of dressmaking for miniature people, and I was thrilled when my friend Christina shared pictures of an adorable  wedding dress she'd made for her little sister's doll

 It is simple, sweet and elegant, and exactly what every little girl would love to play with. I think Christina's little sister is a very lucky girl!

What do you think, should I do a few tutorials on basic dressmaking for dolls? 

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  1. You really should do tutorials on doll clothes! ! ! !


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