Monday, October 26, 2015

Seamstress Goodie Basket 10/26/2015

Welcome to the weekly(ish) round-up of my favorite sewing things on the web!

Disclosure: Some of the links may be affiliate links

Stuff to Read

I've seen so many different things that you can do with different molds and casts, but this might be the coolest yet. I definitely have to try this sometime. (Even more gem tutorials here)

Husband Humor
For all of you sewers with significant others who don't sew, this is an article you'll both laugh over!

Stuff to Buy

Sewing Machine Coffee Mugs (Etsy)
My husband has forbidden me to buy any more coffee mugs, but I'm hoping once we get a house I can convince him that I really need a sewing mug to compliment my reading mug...

Jersey Knit (
I love stocking up  on knits over at at least once a year. They have a great range of inexpensive materials to choose from, and something like this cotton/rayon gray stripe on clearance would be great for a beginner to work with. Don't like stripes? There are plenty more knit fabrics on clearance this week!

Gingher 4" Embroidery Scissors (
Ugh. I love these little scissors so much, I have two pairs. They are probably the most expensive little scissors you'll ever buy, but they are SO WONDERFUL and cut so well and stay sharp and seriously. You must own them. (I get the best deal possible by combining a sale price with a "total purchase" coupon, which you sometimes are allowed to stack on the sale prices. Read the fine print carefully.) BTW, their full size shears are amazing as well.

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