Monday, October 19, 2015

The Seamstress's Goodie Basket (10/19/2015)

Welcome to a new blog feature! I don't know whether it is going to be weekly/biweekly/monthly, but I am going to start releasing lists of products and blog posts I love!

(Some of the recommended items may be affiliate links. I try to use them tastefully, and only recommend products that I really do like and feel comfortable recommending to you!)

My favorite fabric source, Fabric.Com, has a 30% off sale on their licensed fabrics until Thursday (10/22) and that includes this awesome Doctor Who/Van Gogh print!

This Etsy find is also on my Christmas list! I have t-shirts for all of my other obessions, but have had a bit of a tough time finding a sewing themed one that I liked. I'm thinking I'll maybe ask for this in heather gray or lilac.

People ask me where I got the template for this blog - and no wonder, it is not a blogger freebee! Actually, I found it on Etsy, which has tons of good options in a variety of price ranges. While I don't want to share the exact template I used (I like to remain relatively unique!), this one is very similar and was a strong second contender.

Crystal Glass Buttons (Bennos Buttons)
Bennos Buttons is my go-to place for affordable buttons in bulk. I am often surprised by what I am able to find there - and most designs come in multiple sizes at great prices! 

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