Wednesday, October 28, 2015

OUAT Cosplay Appreciation Post #1

The sheer volume of "Once Upon a Time" cosplay out there is overwhelming. I mean, I consider how many costumes I've made, and then realize that I can look at 50 different OUAT cosplays and just  one of them is one I've sewn! And that's only scratching the tip of the iceberg! This fandom is amazing.

 This post is just a collection of my very favorite cosplays (costume+photo staging) from deviantart - none of which contain any components made by me (as far as I can ascertain). I could have included a lot more under those perimeters... just thinking of all there is to comb through on tumblr and the rest of the web is crazy! But we'll start here for now, and know that more are coming.

 I'm curious to know - if you've done a OUAT cosplay, what have been the hardest parts? Sourcing Materials? Finding/adapting Patterns? Utilizing new techniques? Tracking down reference photos? I'd be interested in addressing some of these in future posts, if I get enough feedback.


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