Friday, March 16, 2012

Heels - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Anyone with even a passing interest in dressing fashionably must wrestle with the issue of heels. For some women it is no trouble at all - they gladly and easily wear six inch stilettos and baby step around in short skirts at the same time.

Other women groan and complain about the pinching, the back problems, the balance. For already tall women it becomes an issue of "is this heel going to make me look freakishly tall?"

And yet, it is not only that we are slaves to fashion when we wear heels, but also that we acknowledge that there is an attractiveness to them that we want to partake of. Particularly with skirts, there is nothing so feminine as a good skirt and heels!

The other day I quantified another feeling I have when wearing heels that makes the discomforts often worth it. When I wear heels I feel more confident. I don't know if it's 'power' or 'attractive' or 'neat' or just the way heels clip clop on the ground, or the way it changes one's walk... but there's a difference there. And I think that feeling is a reason why women have continued to embrace heels despite the discomfort.


  1. I have strange feet problems, so invested in a rather expensive pair of heels that are *really* comfortable. They're 2 inches, so I don't feel like I'm about to fall over or tower over everyone. I have the same feeling you do... heels and a skirt just feel so feminine and confident. But I only wear them when I'm dressing up, usually to church. There is one downfall, though: if you are the kind of person whose kneecaps jiggle when you're nervous, heels don't help you keep your balance. :P

    All the same, I still don't "get" why people wear six inch stilletos.

  2. I am only a little over five feet tall and I love wearing heels - who knows why. They do make you feel more confident. Maybe it does have to do with the "click-clop, click-clop, click-clop!" You can't hide or sneak about after all, so you have to walk tall, straight, and with your head up. Plus, they lengthen my short leg line and make my long pant-legs fit better. And, for me, heels make one's height closer to normal. I know someone monstrously tall, though, and she wears stilettos fearlessly! To each his own I guess....

  3. I'm not really a heels sort of guy, myself...

  4. ROTFL.

    But what do you think of them on girls?


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