Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Upcoming Hair Trends

Check out this photo-heavy article from Harper's Bazaar on the hair trends for Fall 2012! Minimalist is in, with pony-tails, low volume hair, twists that pull hair down and close to the head dominating. However, in contrast is the burst of bouffants, showing once again the continuing influence of the 60's! There are also a few shots with some nice statement pieces that call to mind Regency and Edwardian fashion.

Some of my favorite looks:

 Above: This is a high but restrained bouffant that I think would be fun to try out sometime! Getting out the hairspray and extensive teasing would be a pain, however.

 Above: I'd be curious to know if this style is achived with with just natural hair, or if extensions are involved. I think it's a cool look evocative of Greecean styles and would love to test it out some time.

 Above: Simple, but getting those parts and that sleek look take some skill!

 Above: Crossover braids take longer hair or extensions to work properly, but they really create a lovely pre-raphealite effect!

 Above: Believe it or not, even those with shorter hair can achieve this look... it just takes lots of gel and spray (and if your hair IS short, you'll get a better effect if it's been at least 12 hours since you washed it).

 Above: Example of low volume hair.

Above: The pristine ponytail. To create this look you secure the hair with a rubberband, then wrap a strand of hair around to cover it and secure the end with a couple of bobby pins.

What are your favorite styles? Anything you are looking forwards to trying?

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  1. I like the third from last, and braids have always been a favorite of mine!


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