Monday, April 21, 2014

OUAT Gets Obsessed With Beads

I have been informed that some of you are enjoying my costume recaps from OUAT. Unfortunately not every week inspires me enough to grab screencaps, but this week's "Bleeding Through" (3.18) had some fun beaded awesomeness that I just had to share.

Cora goes lavender with an empire-waist gown and matching cloak, both exquisitely adored with intricate beadwork.

There's a tall collar evoking Cora's later styles, carrying the beadwork as high as possible.

Eva meanwhile is pink, velvet and pouty as she schemes her own way to the throne in this deceptively demure ensemble, also displaying some absolutely droolworthy beading.

(Want my full write-up of this episode? Check out my personal blog's take on "Bleeding Through.")

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