Monday, April 7, 2014

Assassin's Creed - Part 2

In part one we talked about making the body of the tunic. Here we talk about sleeves, embroidery and other embellishments.

It was at this point that I got my AWESOME NEW EMBROIDERY MACHINE and used it to create the design on the shoulders. I played around with some stitches on scrap fabric before finalizing the armhole design. It just took three different decorative stitches, lined up very carefully.

Yes, I could have purchased some trim, but it would have been difficult to get it to lie smoothly on the sharp curves of the armhole. I was pretty happy without the design turned out.

I cut the hood freehand, angling it to slope over the shoulders. Unfortunately I didn't give it quite as much of a point at the top as is iconic to Assassin's Creed. That's the difficulty when working in a fandom I'm not personally familiar with, I really rely on my clients to point out the details that are most important to them, and that has to be done ahead of time. Once the fabric is cut and sewn, there usually isn't a lot that can be altered.

Ah well, it'll still look very cool.

I made the hood separate from the rest of the tunic, sewing it to a fully lined collar.

Inside out...

Right side out!

I then stitched in the zipper the same way I did on the tunic. The only difference is here I used a regular zipper, not a separating one, as JoAnn's did not carry one that was short enough. No biggie, unzipping it to the bottom gives a more than large enough head hole.

Look at that!

My husband was pretty excited about the hood piece.

Look at how nicely that shoulder slope worked out!

We're a long ways from done, however. Find out how I did the belt and vambraces!


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