Monday, March 17, 2014

Ruby Cameos! (And so does our favorite cloak!)

Guess who we got to see on OUAT last night? (3.13 Witch Hunt) 

Ruby! I just about screamed when I saw her appear. And of course, I took advantage of the chance to grap some screencaptures of some close up details of her cloak. Here you can see the binding around her arm slits.

And here you can see clearly the contrast fabric on the front (which I have not replicated in any of my cloaks, it would be very difficult to match), as well as the leather cording looping it together. (which doesn't really make structural sense with how the fabric likes to fray, but it certainly looks cool. I'd have to charge more to add this detail, so if you have a replica of this cloak in my queue, talk to me about that).

And here's just a lovely photo. I'm adoring the braid in her hair, what do you think? Were you excited to see our favorite girl in the red cloak return?

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