Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Princess Emma Swan Dress (At Last!)

Headache this week, so not a huge update, but I do have to point out the long awaited appearance of PRINCESS EMMA.

(my screencaptures from

Yes. It's a dream sequence. yes. It's super weird to see Emma in a frilly dress. But man, we've been waiting 3 seasons for this! And it's a gorgeous dress that is very evocative of a swan, our Emma's motif.

Here's hoping this won't be the last appearance of Princess Emma!


  1. I gotta say, I was disappointed by this dress. The color didn't look good on her. She kinda looked like Cinderella.

  2. I was happy to see it too! It was strange, but it was the element of "this would have been her", and it was interesting. I liked it well enough. I didn't go gaga over it, but it was nice, and it didn't look stupid. It was just pretty, and she looked so sweet. I wonder if there will be a "princess" moment--perhaps if she ever gets married--perhaps in the Enchanted Forest? Who knows? And who would be the groom...hmm....

  3. Casey - I also felt a Cinderella similarity. It would have been better if they'd gone with a different color than light blue for that reason (although I don't think the color looks bad on her, I think we're just really unused to seeing her in a flouncy dress). I'm guessing they didn't go with a white gown because it would seem too much like a wedding dress (only Snow can get away with white all the time). Pale pink would have looked gorgeous on her, though, or pale green, perhaps?


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