Monday, March 10, 2014

OUAT Costume Drool - 3.12 Goodies

Man oh Man. OUAT is back, and with so many costumes I had to do a costume post just devoted to 3.12 - "New York City Serenade". Ready to drool? (Prepared to be spoiled if you haven't seen the episode already!)

(All photos are my edits of screencaps from here.)

So fun to see everyone again! especially the glimpse of Ruby! She's so small that I can't be sure if it's Megan Ory or a stand in - but either way it's always nice to see her existence acknowledges.

And man oh man I just about died when we got to see Aurora in a NEW DRESS. They kept that girl in the same costume for far too long. I'm gonna assume one of her fairy godmothers gave her the gift of never having body odor, otherwise there's no way that baby would have happened with how she would have stunk...

They had to keep Snow in bulky garments to cover Ginnifer's pregnancy until it was time for the reveal, but her coat has some lovely details, as seen above (I love the little embellishment by the sleeve slit).

Some full length costume details.

I never got around to doing a post that properly acknowledged Robin Hood and his costume - there's a really strong "Prince of Thieves" influence, which always looks cool even if it's not really historically accurate.

Another geek out moment? Seeing Belle in a new dress! It's a totally different variation of the blue cartoon dress, and I'm looking forwards to seeing more of it soon!

Wow. Prince Charming is looking pretty handsome here in this fantastically detailed leather jerkin. I'm dying to recreate this one, even though working with those fabrics would be a bit tricky!

More full length details 

Notable costume moment from the other side - Emma putting on her jacket again.

And here's our first onscreen look at the new big bad - or should I say, big wicked???? 


  1. Belle's cloak here is kinda cool too. Very different from all of the others they have done.

  2. I've been watching OUAT on a site a friend showed me, called Daretv. I just fell in love with the show, and now I'm all caught up. Now I have to wait like everyone else! Oh, the torture! I'm so very eager though. Loved the shots you included. And yes, it was refreshing to finally see Aurora in a new gown. I never cared much for her storyline, but i was with you, honestly--give her a new dress! ;D It's really an excellent show, with really impressive characters and excellent costume design.


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