Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Padme Wedding Ensemble - Part 3

Read Part 2 yet?

In "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones" they used an antique Italian lace bedspread to create the detailing on Padme's wedding gown. When it came time to make this dress, I did some further research and found out that this type of lace is called "battenburg lace" and is no longer made. So to procure some I had to find an antique tablecloth on Etsy that we then purchased... and yes, cut up. It was definitely hard to make that first snip into such a beautiful piece of fiber history, but kind of beautiful to think that it was going to be part of a dress that would be cherished by a new family and part of the creation of a new marriage.

First time I ever made a serious train on a dress. Whew. Love how it turned out!

For the underdress I completely hand appliqued the lace. The satin was so slippery that it would have been nearly impossible to use the machine and keep the fabric hanging straight. I actually sewed part of it while on the form, to get the correct bust curve.

I did my best to place all of the designs so that they would be flattering, and not obtrusive.

The overdress required two sets of sleeves. For the undersleeve, I used the pattern with the rest of the Kate Middleton knock-off pattern. To create the oversleeve, I copied the undersleeve and cut and rotated to get the added fabric necessary for the look.

Every seam was finished with a narrow hem on the serger.

The chiffon looks white here, but it was really a pale cream.

Body of the underdress is complete. Want to see more? Read Part 4!

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