Thursday, May 2, 2013

Homestuck - Witch of Life

It's always an interesting challenge when I get a commission for a costume in a fandom I am not apart of. Then I really have to rely on my customer to tell me what details are important or not.

I'd heard of the Homestuck fandom, but didn't know much about it. However when my client sent me the above pictures and asked if I could create this costume, I had to say yes! The jacket alone is beyond cool, and I loved the combination of ruffles and beads.

Finding the tan fabric was a bit tricky, but I did find this (sateen, I think) in the home decor department of JoAnn's.

To create the pattern, I modified an existing pattern that I got for $1 on sale. My customer happened to be local, so she was able to come for two fittings, which was very helpful for creating a plus-sized costume. After marking my changes on the lining, I cut, trimmed, picked apart, and laid out the pieces on the sateen to cut the actual outside of the jacket.

Sharp and snazzy, no?

I'd purchased three yards of the tan fabric so that I would have enough for all of the ruffles on both the jacket and dress. They required different widths, so I cut them and labeled them with sticky notes to keep all the pieces organized while I assembled them.

At this point I came down sick again, but was able to still attach the ruffles and beads.

We had a bit of a trial getting fabric for the dress. Originally we had a gorgeous purple and gold striped piece that we wanted to use, but I didn't order it fast enough due to the migraine attacks in March, and so we had to settle for a plain purple. Thankfully my client was extremely gracious and understanding about this!

I just adore the combination of beads and ruffles!

At this point we were down to the 11th hour, and both my assistant and I were working frantically to get the dress done in time for my client's convention. Again, this was due to the migraine attacks screwing up my work schedule. We did get it done, however, but there aren't many pictures from the later half of the construction!

I was quite happy to be able to install grommets rather than eyelets. There is also a piece of boning on each edge to keep the lacing flat.

Despite the rush at the end, I think the costume turned out well and my client was happy with it. She's allowing me to share these pictures of the finished cosplay. Unfortunately I don't know who the photographers are - if one of these is yours, please let me know and I'll credit them properly!

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