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2012 Oscar Fashions

The Oscars are not only a celebration of the movies, they're also a celebration of fashion. This year ABC gave us a full 90 minutes of red carpet coverage prior to the show, which meant we got to see just about all the goodies before they appeared on stage. While there were plenty of dresses that just didn't make the cut, there were also many that I truly adored this year. Bellow I've picked my absolute favorites to share with you all! 

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(All pictures from MSN's Wonderwall, click through the link to see all of the dresses, good and bad!)

 Above: Cameron Diaz looking simply elegant with a splash of shimmer around her gorgeous chiffon hem and train.

 Above: Christopher Plummer with wife Elaine Taylor. Rarely do I get a chance to comment on a unique bit of menswear, but Plummer was looking dashing and classic in a velvet jacket with lovely piping. Congrats to him for winning Best Actor at last!

 Above: Ellie Kemper looking ablaze in a red and gold gown that evokes memories of what Katniss's fire gown in "The Hunger Games" should be (but likely won't).

 Above: If anyone could pull off that huge neck bow, it's Emma Stone, and pull it off she does! Evocative of the 1960's styles of her most recent film, "The Help" it works with her vibrant and engaging personality. And of course that gorgeous pink is absolutely perfect on her! The only flaw in the ointment is that in her onstage appearance we noticed that her bodice is actually split from neck to hem. Although the meticulous construction kept everything hidden that should be hidden, the peekaboo effect was distracting from what would otherwise have been a pretty perfect gown.

 Above: The dashing George Clooney carries the gorgeous Stacy Keibler on his arm. And while most women can't pull off gold (my sister is quite adamant that Meryl Streep utterly failed), Stacy looks like a godess in this perfectly draped sheath.

 Above: Who else looked like a godess? The svelt and sleek Gwyneth Paltrow, who showed us how classy a simple white sheath with a eye-catching cloak and minimal jewelry can be. Bravo, Gwyn.

 Above: Jessica Chastain was (and I quote) looking like a "Preraphealite maiden" in this black and gold masterpiece. Simple lines and no jewelry allow the gold embellishment to tell it's own story - but without detracting (although perhaps distracting) from Jessica's own beauty.

 Above: Kristen Wiig showed excellent taste in design, but poor taste in color. The construction of this delicate gown is inspiring, but please, shades of nude on Caucasian women are big no-nos.

 Above: Interviewer Louise Roe was an eye-catching blend of business and glamour in this pink gown. Only downside? The fill in fabric was disastrously close to skin color on camera, making it occasionally appear as though the split was open from neck to waist. Not exactly a professional statement! Still, the cut and the gorgeous belt do a lot to salvage the look.

 Above: Milla Jovovich evoked the 1930's in this gorgeous silver draped sheath. Combined with her dark lipstick and period hairstyle, it was the perfect accompaniment to the night's theme of "Back to the Movies."

 Above: Ah, dear Natalie Portman rarely fails to delight! In this spunky red concoction she's looking slim and youthful, showing us that pregnancy really does not mean the end of good looks!

 Above: Properly dressing a plus-sized figure is always a challenge for a designer, but the gown made for Octavia Spencer was absolutely perfect. Deceptively simple from a distance, the draping and detail did exactly the right work to compliment Octavia's curves. Good thing, because her touching acceptance speech is likely going to be replayed at many Oscar ceremonies to come!

 Above: The moment I saw Penelope Cruz's ballroom-style gown, I knew it was going to be one of my top five favorite pieces of the evening. It's a classic design with a modern fit, and a gorgeous but rarely seen shade of lavender. Thank you, Penelope, for giving us such a beautiful piece of fashion history to drool over!

 What do you think? Did I get all of your favorites too, or are there others you found inspiring and enjoyable?

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  1. My personal favorites were Penelope Cruz (SO gorgeous!), Gwyneth Paltrow, and Octavia Spencer. I wasn't a fan of Meryl Streep's dress either, and I wasn't quite sure about Natalie Portman...polka dots to the Oscars? really? Red is definitely her color though. Great post!


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