Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lampshade Redecoration

There's a lot one can do with a lampshade, but we very rarely take advantage of the opportunity. It's far easier to buy something than invest time making it. Unless, of course, you are broke, as I was on Sunday when I went shopping for a lampshade to fit my redecorated room. Alas my luck was poor, so I picked up a plain white shade for $8 and decided to redecorate it myself, armed with fabric, ribbon, tacky glue, and a sewing machine. 
First I cut out strips the same width as the shade.
I then sewed the short ends together, and gathered the long ends to fit around the shade.
I attached the fabric to the shade at top and bottom right under the gathers using tacky glue. The clothespins held the very flimsy fabric in place while the glue dried.

Next I cut a narrow strip, just long enough to wrap around the top, and another one for the bottom.
I then did a narrow hem on the long sides of the strips and glued them down over the gathers.
I tucked the overhanging edge of the other hem around the lip of the shade and glued it down, both on top and bottom.
I then glued ribbon to cover up the exposed stitching.
And hey presto! A gorgeous lampshade recalling Victorian romance. :)

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