Friday, May 20, 2016

Belle's Blue Cloak

Right now I am coming to the acceptance that I may not be able to do costume commissions again. Which is destressing but still sad. And I'm trying to figure out how to manage the half-finished commissions I currently have sitting in my sewing room. As we unpack I get closer to the point where I can make inroads in some of them.

For instance, I finally finished off this Belle Blue cloak, for which my customer has been waiting FAR TOO LONG. And I mainly supervised this project, my contractors did the heavy work! (overseeing contractors is still pretty stressful when I'm trying to manage my fibro). It turned out great, though!

My client and I looked and looked, but were unable to match the fabric used for this cloak in "Once Upon a Time." We discussed a variety of options, but finally settled on this brocade as being the closest. It was, unfortunately an eBay listing that is no longer available, but here is the link in case it helps any interested folks track it down elsewhere.

I don't have construction photos for this project, but it was created the exact same way as the Red cloaks (process photos here). 

We WERE however able to purchase a clasp identical to the one from the show, and it is still for sale here (as of 5/20/2016).

 (and yeah, I've lost a ton of weight, as you can see even just in these pictures of my face. :( )

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