Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Presents and the best OUAT costumes

Hi guys.

So I continue to deal with crazy health stuff, but Christmas adrenaline has helped me power through making some gifts, even though most of the time I'm feeling super awful while working, and I can still only do little projects in little spurts. Bleh. I hesitate to say that I'm making progress, because I seem to have a good week only to then have an awful one, and my brain fog remains so bad that I'm reluctant to work with expensive materials. But the fact that I've actually been able to do some knitting, some weaving, and some very simple sewing projects is a boost to my spirits. It also means that I'll have a few new things to showcase on the blog soon... gotta give them out first!

Anyhow, I know some of you are probably missing my Once Upon a Time costume posts. Honestly I haven't been inspired enough by any of the more recent episodes to go through the work of getting the screen captures and editing them and such.

However, I'd love to pull together some sort of post on "the best costumes of OUAT" and collect fan votes over the season hiatus. Any thoughts on how I should begin that process? There are so many costumes to choose from! (don't have a Blogger account? You can leave a comment on tumblr or Facebook instead!)

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  1. Hope you feel better,I totally understand not making frequent posts. Love the OUAT costumes and I would say one of the best is Emma's season 4 finale outfit, with the blue doublet. God Bless. :)


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