Tuesday, May 19, 2015

OUAT Hordes New Costumes for Season 4 Finale

Thank you, oh patient friends! I spent last week finishing up a major writing deadline, and after that my fingers were DEAD. However I have a post chock full of all of those OUAT finale costumes for you to reward you for your patience! 

(all screencaps from springfield. Click for full-size.)

Also, these are screencaptures from the actual episode, so there WILL be spoilers. 

I can only imagine how excited everyone on the cast and crew must have been when the finale story was revealed to them. Certainly the costume department had a blast switching everyone up! Regina is clearly supposed to be wearing Snow's hunting costume, but I'm not sure if it is the same pieces or a new one made up to fit Lana. Thoughts?

Snow certainly loves being sparkly! I love the silver embellishment on this gown, but dread to think of the cost of replicating it! I also enjoy her sleeves, as Regina's tended to be fitted, not flared.

C'mon. We all burst out laughing when we saw Charming's guy-liner, right?

Lovely, lovely lace!

Charming has a nice 'stoner evil' costume.

Here is a good look at the textures in Snow's collar.

I am enjoying the fact that, even evil, they got Snow's trademark puffed sleeves in there.

More delicious collar detail!

This is the first time we've seen a fairy tale Snow with short hair. It certainly works with the character, but took some getting used to!

Zelena may drive me crazy, but I did enjoy her costumes in this episode.

Side look at Regina's costume.

Here's Belle as the wife of the Gold Knight - so of course she is wearing a yellow dress! This is not, however, a third incarnation of her gold ballgown, but rather a yellow version of the blue dress that has been so popular for OUAT cosplayers.

Here you can clearly see that the skirt is a much darker gold than the bodice and blouse.

It is weird, hilarious, and awesome to see Rumple in a full suit of armor.

He clearly stole Charming's role in this alternative universe, right down to the big fur collar on his cloak.

I couldn't find any good images of Emma's captive dress. It appeared to have long flowing sleeves, a pretty large skirt, and was embellished all over with black beadwork.

I really really hope that I get the chance to recreate Snow's evil red dress at some point!

Here is Evil Granny, bedecked with some jewels and a fascinator on her head! Lovely red shawl, though.

Seeing the evil dwarves was hilarious.

Another good look at Snow's sleeves.

A look at the detail around Emma's neckline! She's got a bit of feminine lace tucked away in there.

Here we can more clearly see the details on Belle's yellow dress.  The bodice fabric has a texture to it, and the blouse sleeves appear to be thickly gathered yellow lace.

There is also a bit of flowery trim around the bodice neckline.

More of Emma's adventuring costume. From the shine in her white tunic, I'm wondering if it is made from a raw silk.

The one appearance of Will Scarlet! Also, the back of Robin's wedding clothes. (No, there is no way a common thief would be able to afford such a rich outfit. The suit has to be possible only because he is part of Zelena's happy ending.)

I wanted a better look at Zelena's wedding dress, which seemed quite pretty, but this is the best I could find for details.

Full look at Emma's costume, where you can see the asymmetrical lines clearly.

Costumes in profile.

Rumple, trying to look heroic despite the physical realities of middle age.

A look at Zelena's necklace. She's just trying so hard to look innocent, isn't she?

A little look at the detailing and texture of Robin's costume.

Slightly blurred, but here we get our best look at Robin and Zelena's wedding clothes.

There you are, folks! Half of the costume budget for OUAT's spring 2015 run had to have been spent on these two episodes, and what fun it was to see the results!

Can't wait for the fall, and the potential that the Merlin plotline brings for costuming!

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