Saturday, June 16, 2012

Princess Mary Dress Part II

In this post we're going to take a look at false underskirts. Traditionally, of course, there was an entire petticoat that went under the overdress. However if I was to include an entire second skirt into the Mary costume, it would make the dress heavy, and both cost and labor prohibitive. The answer is to make a false underskirt, which consists just of the front panel that we see, sewn into the side seams of the overskirt.

Edges are zigzagged to reinforce and prevent fraying.

In this picture and the two below you can see how I layered the false front under the front of the overskirt, sandwich style.

Then I attached the skirt to the net petticoat, and sewed the whole thing to the bodice and...

Isn't our model beautiful? And look at how that skirt poofs out nicely and how well the sleeves hang! I'm thrilled with the result!

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