Thursday, April 26, 2012

Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) Redesign

So you've heard the buzz about that new movie coming out next week, right? It's called... "The Avengers" or something? Based on some comic books and directed by that Buffy the Vampire Slayer guy? 

Okay, I'm kidding. As my long-time followers know, I'm a die-hard Marvel fan, and although I'm definitely an X-Men girl, I do know the Avenger basics. Although I'm very excited for the film, I'm really disappointed that the leading Avenger lady (or one of the foremost, I should say) will not be appearing, leaving the team with a crazy high ratio of guys to girls. 

Who is this woman? Carol Danvers, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel (and now Captain Marvel!). Originally I intended to go to the midnight opening dressed as her, but due to family commitments, I won't be able to make it. However I did take the time to design what I feel her costume would look like translated into the movie's style. 

I sketched out the design based on what I've learned from my new fashion illustration book (featured below and a must have!).

The final picture was colored with acrylics and detailed with inks.

I'm pretty happy with how my redesign turned out, and I'm very much hoping that I will still get a chance to cosplay it in the near future.


  1. Love it! Perfect for Day 2 at a con if you went full out cat suit the day before. Nicely done!


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