Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Heart Embroidery

I am addicted to embroidery. Embroidered fabric, embroidered clothes, embroidered home furnishings, embroidered towels...extra threads on fabric make my heart sing! I got my first embroidery machine almost four years ago, and it didn't take me long to figure out that I could manage a little embroidered towel business, even when my health was unpredictable. I love offering a wide range of whimsical designs (largely sourced from www.urbanthreads.com)

I use the 4x4 Brother PE400, which is a fantastic machine for the price. I hope to get a machine with a larger embroidery field at some point, but I'm really pleased and astonished at how much use I've gotten out of this machine--several hundred towels, as well as many other fun projects and costume embellishments.

This year I even started stocking some of my towels in a local shop, where they have done very well. It's definitely cool to walk in and see items I made artfully displayed among other awesome products! (The Twisted Root, Hamel, MN)

And I wouldn't sell the towels if I didn't love and use them myself. Here is Nathan, demonstrating that even dudes can get on board with some clever towels.

I am currently running my very last sale of the season, and I wanted to invite you to come on over and visit! I try to minimize using this sewing blog for towel promotion (other than the widget in the scrollbar). However, this is the final sale of the year, and it's for everyone who finds themselves scrambling to get those last few gifts on their list. Not only do I have a variety of designs, Christmas and otherwise, but I'm also offering a discount of 15%, today only! (Normally each towel costs $6.99) 

(Although I personally don't tend to procrastinate on Christmas gifts, I do on other things, so I offer this sale in the spirit of solidarity as well as marketing ;) )

Even if you're not in the market for more shopping this year, I'd love to invite you to come on over and take a look at my little shop! And, if you like, you can also follow my photos of this adventure on instagram or Facebook, or sign up for my mailing list (the most I'll visit your inbox is once a month, but usually less than that).

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