Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Green Corset - Part 2

Corset-making is an intense process, but it is so cool to see the finished piece come together. Part 1 covered the initial construction and busk insertion. Part 2 will chronicle the rest of the process.

Having completed two fittings and established the proper fittings of the corset, I now needed to cover the inside seams. I made bias tape out of black satin and stitched them down.

To get the slippery bulk to lay flat, I needed to employ topstiching as well.

Prior to inserting the boning, I put in the eyelets. So grateful to have a machine that will do automatic eyelets!

Some hand sewing was involved, but the vast majority of the boning channels and trim were stitched on by machine.

To finish off the corset, I added some lace trim and embellishment. Check out Part 3 for the final photos!

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