Friday, October 21, 2016


As I recover from the throes of another migraine, I took the time to write up some life-updates on my personal blog. I talk a little bit about my sewing future, so you might want to check it out.

Also, I know many of you are fairy tale fans, so you may also enjoy seeing my latest embroidered flour sack towel collection!

All of the designs are for sale on my Etsy shop, Whimsical Kitchen. Since I am only listing what I have and not doing custom requests to help cope with deadline stress, the designs are only available as you see them... once a towel sells, it is gone! (although if it has a lot of favorites on it, I will be more likely to stitch the design again soon.) Upcoming plans include re-releasing some old favorites, a new collection of masculine designs including a new type of towel, AND plenty of holiday designs for Christmas cheer in your kitchen!

Also, I have new projects I am working on that I hope to blog about soon... just have to get past this round of sickness.

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