Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Moving to the Future

I miss sewing so much. So, so much. We're pretty sure I have Fibromyalgia, which means between the pain in my hands and my overall fatigue, sewing is still out of the question. We're working very very hard to find solutions, but for the time being, I still can't work. 

We move NEXT WEEK. My new sewing room will be a bit smaller, but I won't have to share it with quite so much stuff because all of the non-sewing stuff I currently have in the room can be stored elsewhere. Also, the new room only has one window, and it's half the size of the ones here, so that frees up a bunch of wall space.

Lest you feel too sad about my disappearing window light - don't worry! The house has a beautiful 4-season-porch. Eventually our plan is to update the windows so that we can properly heat it during the winter and turn that into my sewing room. (In MN it is just too expensive to keep a room heated if it isn't energy efficient - and I have too many paints and inks and delicate machinery to let it freeze/boil). I'm also hoping we can move the washer and dryer up to this room as well! But this is 5-7 years down the road.

Anyhow, as you can see from the photo, my mother-in-law has already begun packing the room up. The sewing stuff will be some of the last to move over, however I'm going to bring my little travel machine right away. I want to try some hexagon quilting - maybe start with a potholder and see if I can tolerate short spurts. I think a hexagon quilt would be an idea project for 10 minute sewing sessions, yes? All those short seams, and small pieces to rotary cut - no lugging heavy velvet around! Also, I can use my mini iron, which is much easier as well!

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  1. Don't give up pretty lady! It took 6 years before I finally got a diagnosis. And then I met my favorite and best doc I ever had. He told me to get this book and read it to see if it was me.
    I read it and told him, "OMG! That is me!" So he prescribed Lyrica. Some days still suck, but it is better than it was. I made a goal to go to my sewing room for 15 minutes a day on the days that are bad. But you would be surprised what 15 minutes will do for your self-esteem. At least then I feel like I tried. Keep your chin up. If you have a kindle, I would be happy to loan you the book. :)


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