Tuesday, June 4, 2013

4 Hour Gypsy Bodice

So artist friend of mine Ben Hatke was looking for a Gypsy Bodice for his wife Anna... and I'd been wanting to commission some artwork from him... so we worked out a trade. 

I've learned for Medieval/Renaissance costumes it often pays to look for fabric and trim in the home decorating section at JoAnn's. They often have sturdier materials with richer detail and more unique color variations.

It was hard to find trim to go with this burnt orange damask, but lo and behold on the very last aisle I searched, I found this package of self-adhesive trim... it still needed to be sewn down, but it looked great!

Turns out I can indeed make a simple bodice in just four hours when the need presses!

Ben and Anna are awesome. They don't just take photos... they take artsy photos that look like Renaissance painting poses.

To get a peek at just what they needed this costume for, and to see the awesome X-Men commission I'm getting, check out Ben's post on the story!

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