Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fabric and Home Decor - Idea #1

I love decorating my home with fabric. Not only do I use curtains on my windows, I also find them more practical and pretty alternatives to closet doors. But you don't need a window or a doorway to decorate with fabric, and when looking at ideas for decorating the apartment bedroom, I came across some really lovely combinations of lights and drapery on pinterest.

As you can see, the bedroom needs some flair.

I whipped up some very simple voile curtains. I didn't even bother to pin the hem allowances, it was a straight edge with a non-stretchy fabric, so I just used my adjustable elastic guide on my machine to freehand the seams.

Then I played around with how to arrange the top drape. Originally I wanted to make it more canopy like, but our ceiling fan just made that look weird. So I settled for this.

The original plan involved Japanese lanterns. We duly went out and got all the stuff... but a) the lanterns were too big, and b) the bulbs (from IKEA so not easily swapped out) were WAY too bright. *sigh*

HOWEVER. Target had a string of little Japanese lanterns on clearance, and with my RED card I could get free shipping. HUZZAH! Decor saved! It adds lovely texture to the wall without distracting from the rich red and beaded embroidery of the comforter.


  1. It looks lovely! I like how the re-positioning of the bed in front of the window gives almost a headboard effect.

    1. We actually didn't move the bed, we just hung the new fabric on a curtain rod above the bed. The real window is to the left of the last photo, like it always was. :)

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