Friday, April 19, 2013

The Postage Part of being a Seamstress

So a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend surprised me with a postage scale, so that I could print out postage at home without having to go to the post office every week! I've had so many 'rush' orders to catch up with the delay caused by the migraines that I've had to take the last few packages to the post office to make sure they'd arrive on time. So today was the first day I had something non-urgent to ship and the time to figure out how to make this 'printing postage at home' thing work.

At first I was kind of confused, because I just wanted to send a manila envelope first class... and the USPS website would only let me send a priority mail package! Annoying! And their website said that if I wanted to print less than this, I'd have to get a subscription... $16 a month? No thank you!

But then I turned to my friend "Google" and found out that if you have a paypal account you can print first class postage there at no extra charge! And of course I am an avid paypal user with all these costume commissions...

So now we find out if I did everything properly. The only concern I have is if the postage gets wet and the ink runs... I'm not sure how stable it is. Does it work better if you print directly onto a label? Guess I'll have to get some of those, then...

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