Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Regina's White Dress - Part 2

(Have you read Part 1 yet?)

Above - the covered buttons and loops to secure the sleeves. After creating them I found a picture that revealed the buttons on the show's costume to be some kind of rhinestone, but given that the chiffon I used was so delicate, I figured these covered buttons would work better. I put a drop of glue on each base for extra security.

Here you can see the two pieces of the sleeve, with the lower part already fitted, and the upper part ready to be gathered.

I cut the loops to the correct size and pinned them in place between the two layers of chiffon.

I then added a stabilizing length of bias tape to hold the buttons straight and keep the sleeve from bunching up.

Sleeves, finished with buttons and loops.

Getting the V on the neck with the false modesty panel was probably the trickiest part of the gown. I machine sewed the back and sides of the neckline, but secured the chiffon in place with hand stitches once I'd turned it right side out to ensure that everything lay flat. I also sewed in the sleeves at this point.

I played around with different ideas for the hem. I didn't want to do a doubled over hem, as that would get bulky and I was worried about it being too short in front. So I decided to go with a hem tape, which I secured using hand stitches, making it entirely invisible from the outside.

After attaching the bodice to the waist with the bead trim in between, I sewed in an invisible zipper.

Believe it or not, this was the first invisible zipper I have ever inserted. Well, not this exact one - but this project. I had to take the first one out because it was too short. Anyhow, I'd gotten an invisible zipper foot as a Christmas present from my awesome grandparents and was able to finally properly insert an invisible zipper. Turns out it is WAY easier than inserting a regular zipper!

Now for those with sharp eyes... yes, as far as I can tell the beading I was able to procure is the same they used on the show. You can purchase it here.

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