Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bach Coat - Part 2

Putting the sleeves together was a bit fussy, because they involved two curved pieces, and I had to make sure I was sewing the lining opposite to how I sewed the velvet so that they would line up correctly when sewn together.

To help with the matching (and also to remember which end was up!) I inserted a tiny gold safety pin on one side of the velvet upper edge and the corresponding edge in the lining. It worked perfectly.

The sleeves were sewn at the ends with the cuffs caught in the seam.

The cuffs were carefully pressed (always use a pressing cloth with velvet or press from the wrong side!) and turned.

The jacket, coming together!

With lining sewn in!

I had left the upper part of the slit in back open when attaching the lining. I finished it by hand so that it would lie perfectly flat and smooth.

I spaced out all the buttons ahead of time to determine how many I needed to use where.

Marking the buttonholes on the wrong side of the fabric with water solvable pencil.


My customer was very happy with the coat and there will be more diaries coming soon about the vest, shirt and pants!

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